Crossfit is Back to Basic! All movements within CrossFit are with free weights or your own bodyweight, without fitness machines! Crossfit is a trainingsprogram in which different sports such as gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, running, rowing are combined into one complete workout.

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WOD means “work out of the day”. We always start our training with a warm-up. After the warm up, we focus on a fundamental skill to teach you proper form and technique which prepares you for the WOD. After working on the skill, we will explain the WOD and find a proper progression for everyone. Then, it is time to work against the clock and show your skills in the WOD. The full training always lasts 60 minuten. The WOD itself, however, can last between 8 and 45 minutes.


Oly-WOD is a specialty class in which you train your olympic weightlifting skills. This specialty training is in our standard weekly schedule and is included in most memberships. Weightlifting is VERY technical. But, in this training you train these techniques with a certified weightlifting coach to become a better weightlifter! During the Oly class we focus specifically on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The techniques that you'll learn in these hours will help you to improve your basic movements in WODS and are also essential to move more efficiently! After working on the technique you'll do a special Oly-WOD.


Gymnastics is a specialty class in which you train your gymnastic skills. This specialty training is in our standard weekly schedule and is included in most memberships. It involves body-weight exercises in particular such as basic strength (core training), ring variations (muscle up, front/back lever), bar variations (pullup, chest-to-bar, toes-to-bar, muscle up), handstand variations (walk and pushup), rope-climbing and pistols (one-legged squat). This class is not only for people who want to be a better gymnast, but this also helps strengthen your basis for all other CrossFit exercises because our focus is specifically on body control and awareness.

Buddy WOD

Every week we offer a buddy WOD! The buddy WOD is a long workout that you do together. You can train together with your friend, familymember, or Crossfit buddy. Trust us, this is a lot of fun! The buddy WOD is included in all memberships, so don't hesitate to give it a try!


We believe that the key for making a good start at CrossFit, is technique. That's why we want all our new member to join our fundamentals course. The fundamental course will be given every month! During this course you'll learn in a small group, together with all new starting fellow CrossFitters, all the fundamental movements you need for a good start in our box and how to perform them with good technique. Examples of the fundamental movements are squats, deadlifts, presses, kettlebell swings, wall balls and pull ups. After training these techniques, we do a mini WOD together. This WOD is lighter than a normal WOD and will prepare you for training at high intensity. The fundamental course is essential to participate and progress in our box.

Open Gym

During open gym hours you can train for yourself to improve your skills. There is always a certified trainer in the box to assist you, if necessary, and to give you tips,tricks and advice for improvement. By focusing on your form, technique and skills, you will notice your scores will improve radically during regular WOD hours. Next to technique or strength training, you can meet with your CrossFit buddy’s and do a WOD together during the open gym.